With more than 2.6 billion active users on Facebook every month and 1 billion active users on Instagram, your clients are going to be on either of these social media clients. Reaching out to the clients among this group can be difficult and time-consuming.

I will be working along with you to develop your social media presence. With experience, understanding business needs to enable me to grow your business. Below is the complete work that I can offer to your business.

Selecting and Creating Social Media Pages

Understanding the correct social media pages that are needed for the customer and Creating or modifying the existing social media pages.

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Business Collaboration and Reporting 

Working closely with the business to make sure that marketing is working and optimised. Along with regular updates so that both are updated on what is happening.

Content Creation and Scheduling

Creating content for the business and their schedule posts so that there is constant growth in the social media pages.

Data Analysis

Analysing data of the previous post-performance and making necessary changes to get optimal performance.