11 ways to build followers on Instagram with Tips and complete guidelines

11 ways to build followers on Instagram with Tips and complete guidelines

I will be honest, building a follower base on any Social Media platform will take time and a lot of hard work. The same goes for Instagram. With more than 5 billion active users every month on Instagram, it might seem that it would be easy to become an influencer every quick. But as the saying goes “if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it”.

But everything is not negative and it is possible to grow followers on Instagram. There are ways to buy bots and fake accounts that would boost your likes and followers. Instagram is against those accounts and it would be just a waste of money since there aren’t any gains from those accounts. 

Follow the below steps regularly and you can guarantee to start seeing growth almost immediately. This might sound silly but the first thing is to make sure your account is public. Because no one else except your followers can see your posts or hashtags.

Before you start increasing your audience, you should have two things: contents and objectives. Why? Without content, there is no reason why others would follow you and an objective since this will define your audience and who you should target!

Note: If you already have your content and objective ready then. Skip these steps and go straight the 11 points to increase your followers on Instagram


Instagram is all about content! Make sure your content is of the best of quality. If finding great quality content is your number one problem then check out this post(link). This will make this a bit easier for you.

Tip: Have a plan on your content like to when and what you are going to post. This will help you to regularly post content and also keep your content going according to your objective. Posting at an optimal time helps in getting your post viewed by many.


You should have an objective. That objective should be your ultimate goal in why do you require to have an Instagram account and why do you require so many followers. If you are running a business then your objective should be similar to your business objective, for example, increase your sales or increase your site traffic. Your objective will also define what kind of content you need.

Whatever your goal or objective is you need to work towards that.

The reason you need an objective is that that is going to define your audience. At least give you a guideline of what your audience looks like, their demography. This can change over time. I will explain this at the end of the blog post.

Now that you are ready with your content and objective out of your way, use the below techniques and you will start your followers’ increase.

1. Post Regularly

The most common thing that you will hear is to post regularly! If you want to grow your audience, the most basic way will be to post regularly, preferable is once a day. Instagram is all about social content. People follow others so that they can consume content that they post. So it makes sense that you need to keep your audience engaged with your content.

Tip: If you find it difficult to post regularly difficult then you can try scheduling your posts. Instagram itself doesn’t let you schedule your post but you can use third-party tools like “buffer” to schedule it for you. Most of them are free to use, only their extra tools are chargeable.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags have become an integral part of Instagram. If you want your post to be viewed by others outside your follower group, then hashtags are the way forward. If you want to know how to use hashtags to its full potential check out my post(link).

Using the relevant hashtags can boost the number of views to your post and make it easier for your audience to search you out.

Tip: Don’t spam hashtags do proper research on your hashtag and only then use it for your post. Research your hashtags, use the hashtags with images that resemble your image and comment.

Tip: Another tip would be to create a brand hashtag. A unique hashtag for your business works great where users can search for their hashtags.

3.Shoutouts and S4S

A shoutout is featuring someone else’s product or profile on the user’s feed or stories. There are two options, one is to purchase a shoutout where you need to pay the user to get featured on their profile or by just asking the other user to post it which is the freeway. Most users with a larger number of followers will want some extra incentive. So targeting users with user size with some size similar to your follower base could help you gain a shoutout. If they disagree then you can give them an extra incentive like providing a shoutout yourself. This is known as shoutout for shoutout(S4S)

If you want to know more about shoutouts then click on this link.

4.Speak to Family and Friends

If you are not comfortable with asking others for a shoutout, start by asking the people you know.

This would be the first thing you should do when you are first starting with your Instagram, is you should ask your family members and friends who have an Instagram account to follow you.

But what if you were a business? You always have your staff and their friends and family members. You can and should ask your clients to do the same. This way you could start a snowballing effect where one person says to the other and then they say to their friends.

This is the best way to grow from 0 to 1000. Create a small poster for your business page and share it to everyone who will put it on their stories page or feed mentioning on the feed to follow!

5. Engage, Engage and engage!

One thing that most ignore who wants to become influencers is to engage with your audience. Instagram is made in such a way that you can engage with others. If you ignore these people will feel that you don’t care about them.

People can unfollow you and the more your start growing the more will start unfollowing you if they notice that you are not posting. I have seen this happening.

6. Follow and like other posts

The more followers and more images you like you are telling those people that you are out there. The trick here is that you don’t look like a spammer. Be genuine in your followers and likes. Comment on their post, not like a bot but a normal human, people will start following back.

There is an upper limit of 7500 users that you can follow and a limit on the number of users you can follow per hour. Don’t cross these limits or you could get a ban on your account.

You should also like the content of others. They are posting so that users like their content! So don’t leave them hanging. 

One of the most important things that I feel that you need to do is to DM or message them. I know this is a difficult and time-consuming process. But when you are just growing this will be a vital step so that your audience will know who you are and won’t just unfollow you.

7. Linking your Instagram accounts to the other platforms

Haven’t you heard the phrase don’t put all the eggs in one basket? Well if you have joined Instagram then you would most probably already have another social media account. (Talking about Facebook)

Promote your Page and hashtag wherever possible! Post links to your Instagram page on your blogs and other social media as well!

Tip: Start using your brand hashtags on all your pages and posts. Promote it wherever it is possible. Even in your emails to clients.

8. Stories

Use stories to engage with your audience. With stories, you can understand your audience better. See this link to know more about stories. 

Stories are a whole topic on their own since you get to engage with your audience on a whole different level. Also, your audience will know that you are active on the social media platform, yes this is also another important aspect(another reason why you need to post regularly).

9. Analytics

Use Instagram analytics to know how your page is performing. This will give you an idea of what is working and what is not! To learn more about analytics click on this link. Using analytics you should be able to focus on your content to see which post is working. How your audience is reacting to your posts and when to posts so that your content will get the maximum number of views.

Click here to know more about Instagram analytics.

10. Paid Ads

Regularly run paid ads. If you want to grow your audience fast, then the best way is to promote your brand to your target audience. Promote your best post or even better promote the post from which you have got the maximum followers. Since that will guarantee more followers. You don’t want to be spending money and not get the most optimal output.

See this link to know more about paid ads.

11. Go offline

This is something that not many blog posts talk about. But the best way that I have seen working is by asking people directly who you meet. If your business interacts with the customer then it won’t harm in asking them to follow an Instagram page. Don’t be shy, ask them to follow you. Even better, you could ask them to give you a post on their feed or even stories. Let their friends see what you have to offer.

There is very little chance that they are going to deny this. Especially when you have interacted with them directly!

Tip: Creating and displaying QR codes helps your customer to be able to reach your page easily. For Example – Keeping the QR code at the billing counter and asking the customer to just scan the code will be easier for the customer than you telling them in typing which account to follow! 


Increasing your followers means using every trick in the book. At the end don’t forget about your audience since they are following you for a reason. Everything you do should be relatable to your audience this way you have a higher chance in your audience to respond to your posts and reach your objective. 

This will take time and a bit of effort. But once you reach your objective there will be no turning back. This will be one of my last posts on Instagram. Next, I will be focusing on content and how to create them, what kind of hardware like a camera and software that you can use to create your image. I will be going through the basics so that it will be easier for you to create the content that you are going for! Subscribe to my newsletter to be updated on the same.

Do leave a comment if you want to know any other topics on Instagram.