5 Things you can do at Dodda Ayur aka chota ladhak

If you are looking for a place for a quick morning ride from Bangalore and to be back before noon, really another place other than Nandi Hills then look no further. Dodda Ayur is the place you would like to go to. This place is also known as “Chota Ladhak” which means it’s a smaller version of Ladhak. To be frank I didn’t see the resemblance. 

If you are familiar with locations near Bangalore then you will be familiar with Kolar. It’s just 10 to 15Kms from there. You have to take a right turn just before reaching Kolar and ride through a few Villages. It’s better you go on a bike since you will be able to ride all the way to the quarry or else you will have to park your vehicle on the main road which isn’t that far anyway 500meters max.


The quarry was discovered by a group of college students who were searching for a travel location for a quick getaway. After a post on Facebook (with the name Chota Ladhak) this location quickly became famous for bikers and people who wanted a quick getaway from the city.

The quarry was mined to help expand the nearby highway. During the monsoons, the quarry filled up with water and due to its colour and still, water made it an interesting place for bikers and adventure seekers. 

View from Inside the Quarry

Multiple people are known to have drowned in the lake and hence swimming is prohibited with warning signs all across the place. 

Things to Do

  1. Biking – The most popular activity is biking. You could do a bit of off-roading and ride up to the quarry but still, it is not difficult nearly all bikes will be able to ride up the slope.
  2. Relax – The best thing you could do is to sit down and take in the beauty of the lake. 
  3. Explore the location – You could walk around the quarry to find some interesting spots, where not many people tend to go. 
  4. Photography – Don’t get me started on this one. This is an amazing place for photography! The still waters make it great for getting some photos. Any advice here, bring a wide-angle lens! It will definitely help.
  5. Camping or have a picnic – The location is known for camping. Don’t know if these days they allow it or not. Something you could do is bring your own food and have a nice quiet picnic at the side of the quarry.


If you are planning on going to Chota Ladhak then I would suggest doing the below if you want to experience it fully.

  1. Go early morning or evenings – It can get quite hot in the afternoon so plan in such a way that you get out there before 9 or reach the location by 5. You will evening get the best sunlight for photography during this time.
  2. Try out other places nearby – I would suggest you try other places if you have the time. There are many things you could do on the way or even at Kolar that you could do. Such as going to Antharagange Caves (trekking) or even getting an early morning Hoskote Biryani on the way! Get creative and this will be one hell of a trip! 

Best time to Visit

Go there during the winter, your ride will be cooler and you can spend a bit more time at the location. Monsoons will fill up the quarry and entering the quarry will be much difficult.  


Dodda Ayur aka Chota Ladhak is a great place for a breakfast ride from Bangalore. Stay at the location for an hour or so, get some good pictures and be back to finish off your Saturday or Sunday with your family or friends. Don’t expect more from this place and definitely don’t go for a swim!

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