3 Places you could visit in Sakleshpur for a Day trip

If you are looking for a weekend getaway with hills to trek, mesmerizing views and plenty of resorts among coffee estates, close enough to Bangalore then you don’t have to look anywhere else than Sakleshpur.  

Sakleshpur is a hill station in the district of Hassan just 220Kms from Bangalore. Yes, people say you won’t be able to see the whole of Sakleshpur in just a day but that doesn’t stop people from hitting the road early morning and reach back by nightfall. But to get the whole experience book a resort with your friends and you won’t regret it.  

The best time to visit though will be during the monsoons to winter (June to Feb). With rains, the landscape becomes greener and cooler. Seeing the morning mist roll down the landscape is a sight that I always enjoy.   

Sakleshpur is also known for its historical places, temples, waterfalls, trekking and camping spots. Be warned it can become a bit crowded during the weekends. Below are a few places that you could visit if you were going to Sakleshpur for a one-day trip. Trust me there is more exploring that you can do if you have the time or if you are in for just exploring and getting lost in the wilderness.  

Manjarabad Fort  

The most popular and “crowded” locations in Sakleshpur would be the Manjarabad Fort, which was built during the rule of Tipu sultan. It is in a shape of a star on top of a hill and is 7Kms from the town of Sakleshpur. Which means this is one of the first places people go to visit.  

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You need to climb about 200 to 300 steps to reach the fort. There are a few restaurants and shops at the entrance if you are looking to get a bite or a tea. The fort is rather small, but due to its placement on top of a hill, you get an amazing view of the landscape below! The reason for this, I am guessing was to watch out for enemies.  

Inside Manjarabad Fort

In the middle of the fort is a crossed shaped pond, which is said to have been built for Tipu Sultan himself! And surrounding it is two pathways which were used for hiding soldiers (not sure it that was true since the pathway is easily noticeable!)  

Bisle Ghat View Point  

Another popular spot is the bisle ghat viewpoint. The best part about this spot is that there is no climbing required, not that I am don’t like a bit of work out but wouldn’t you like a bit of rest if you are travelling the whole day. I am quite certain most of you would agree with me.  

Bisle Ghat View Point

Riding or driving to this viewpoint will from Manjarabad fort would take you through the western ghats which means that you will have some mesmerizing views, winding roads and maybe a bit of bad road (this was when I went). But the point is that you will enjoy the experience of it.  

There are no entry fees but the viewpoint isn’t open during late evening hours. You get a view of the surrounding mountain ranges from the viewpoint. I didn’t go to the viewpoint itself but got a spot away from the crowd below the viewpoint like the one below the spot.  

Kumara Parvatha Peak

The viewpoint is over looking one of the most difficult trekking spot in South India known as the Kumara Parvatha Trek over the Kumara Parvatha peak.  

Mallahalli waterfalls  

To reach Mallahalli waterfalls you would have to drive for about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Sakleshpur. TIP: There are other ways to skip Sakleshpur if you were heading back. Could save you a little bit of time.   

You can hire private vehicles to take you to the falls and there is even bus service. Once you reach the location you need to cross multiple gates and go down about 600 steps to reach the foot of the falls.  

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During my visit, the gate to the falls was closed, but that hasn’t stopped tourist creating a hole in the fence to get to the other side to get a dip in the river!  

The falls are situated at the foot of Pushpagiri hills and to feel the full effect of the falls, and for that matter I would suggest going during the monsoons.   

Other things you could do  

  • Sakleshpur is not all about these three places, but you could do a lot more exploring. There are many places that you can visit for a trek or even do some off-roading!   
  • You can make the trip as memorable as possible! Choosing the places that you want to visit head in time will help you get to less crowded places or visiting it during a certain time during the day or even date could help you make the time you spend over there memorable.  
  • You could even think about camping. Some groups organize camping providing tents and tools, you will be able to find these online on sites like meetup or even Facebook groups.  
  • Finally, if you are looking for a weekend getaway with your friends then go ahead and book one of the many resorts in Sakleshpur!   
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Sakleshpur is a favorite for many for its greenery, waterfalls, historical sites, winding roads and for its many adventurous activities that one can choose. Being just 220Kms from Bangalore it can also be a destination for a one-day trip.   

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