A church that sinks, Shettihalli chruch Hassan

Karnataka is known for its lush greenery due to western ghats that pass through it. Trekking and wildlife spotting is a common activity. There are even multiple dams and reservoirs in the region and Shettihalli Church lies on the banks of one such reservoir. But given the time of the year, the church submerges depending on the level of water. It is one of the most mesmerizing places that I have been to in recent days. (FYI went there during the monsoons when the water levels are high).

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Shettihalli church was built approximately 150 to 200 years on the banks of Hemavathi river. But after a dam was built the water levels started to rise which submerged the church. The church is the only building still standing. The church was built by French missionaries and is of Gothic architecture. 

The rise and fall of water levels 

You can visit this location anytime during the year. Each time it’s going to be a different experience. Since the water level in the reservoir rises and falls during each monsoon and summer. The church submerges and reappears. During the summer you can walk in between the walls of the church and during the monsoon it’s filled ¾ the way, you could get a boat ride through the church which is another experience altogether.

Seeing the church submerged from a distance is another experience altogether. There is even a bridge which let’s get a different view of the church and the surrounding locations. 

The Route

If you are travelling from Bangalore this trip will take you about a day since it is about 200kms from Bangalore and about 20Kms of it will take you through villages which will slightly slow down your pace but it is a beautiful view that you get. 

If you are familiar with going to Chikmagalur then it is easy to understand since it is the same route and you need to take a left turn at Hassan instead of getting into the city of Hassan.

How you can spend your day

This is a great place to have a picnic, it is surrounded by greenery and places where you can stop to get a bite under a tree. It’s also a great place for photography be it something like portrait photography or landscape. Getting a bit crazy you could even get a boat ride to the church during the monsoons when the water is all the way full.

You could even stroll and ride through bending roads and do some exploring, visiting villages and spots no one has gone before, trust me there is more to be seen. You could also just laze around on the bridge, giving you an amazing view of the Church.

Whatever you have planned, this one trip will take a whole day to complete. A quick suggestion if you want to fill your weekend a Saturday to Sunday trip, then explore the church on your way to Chickmangalore or Sakleshpur! Book your hotel room or resort and go there by evening once you complete your exploring. Later on Sunday you can complete your trip and be back by Sunday night at Bangalore.

Hope you have liked this blog and have got some insights into the trip. Share this with your friends if you are planning on a one day trip or even a weekend getaway. I would suggest not missing out. For more plans and trips follow my Instagram and Facebook page, links below.

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