Instagram Insights: It’s time to analyse your Instagram page

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So you have been using Instagram for a while now. But don’t see as much growth like the other accounts. If you search for how to grow your Instagram followers, the first thing you are going to find is “post and keep on posting”. You are doing that but just not able to see the result that you are looking for and you know your content is great. So what gives?

Have you ever thought about what your followers want or who are they? When do they come online and how does that affect your likes? Well, that is where analytics comes in. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a rocket scientist for this.

There are websites out there to analyse your content and give you data that can take days to learn. Most of the time you either don’t have the money to pay them or you are worried that they might steal your data and just don’t want to spend so much time learning another tool!

Did you know that the tools that you were looking for are already on Instagram? It is known as Instagram Insights. These are not available to the personal account(the account you start with). You have either changed to a Business account or creator account. Even if you are on a business account most of the users oversee this option since it is a bit difficult to find. You can see the process on how to change to a business account from here and click this link to learn how to access Insights. See the below example 

Where to find Instagram insights

Understanding how your Instagram page is performing is critical to its growth. 

Note: The data you get on through Insights is basic. You only get a few bar graphs and pie charts. But Instagram has given more than enough tools and data that would be enough for most of its users.

In this post, I would like to talk about how you can use this insight to your advantage. Most of these tools can be used by you to improve on how you post, what your audience post, details into stories and much more.

Profile Insights

Profile Insights gives you an overview of your profile such as how your post is performing to understand your clients. This is the go-to page if you want to know what is happening across your Instagram account even though there are other ways in accessing your stories, posts and promotion insights which are mentioned later in this post. 

Insights are segregated into three parts which are,

  • Content
  • Activity 
  • Audience
Content, activity and audience


The content tab displays the posts, stories and promotions that you have done this week(7 days). You don’t need to go and search for the posts to view each insight. Clicking on the post, story or promotion that you want to view will bring up the insights, which I have explained below. 

Understanding how each of your posts performs will help you understand which posts are working and which aren’t. This will help you to define your posts and stories. Your Instagram page will require a lot of trial and error at the start. These tools will help you see what is working and what is not.


Activities show you the number of people who have interacted with your account or even viewed your account. This is great if you want to see if people are interested in your account if those interests are increasing or decreasing. If you see any kind of activity reduced in your account, it might be time that you need to start posting more content to your Instagram page.


Interactions are the number of actions that people take when they engage with your account which are Website clicks, profile visits, likes and comments.


This shows the number of reach and impressions that your account has received in the past 7 days. They even give you a daily break up of reach in the form of a bar graph.

Note: “Reach” is the number of unique accounts that have viewed your account and Interactions is the number of views on your post and stories irrespective of the number of unique accounts.

Example for activity page


This is my most favourite page. It gives me a better perception of my audience. Great for Businesses, helps in understanding their target audience. At the top of the audience tab, you get a view of the total number of followers and how much it has increased from the previous week. Constantly monitoring your audience will show you how much is your growth and will give you an idea on who likes your posts.


Just below that shows the growth for the current week, asking with a line graph showing the overall growth (follower you – unfollowed you). Clicking on the graph gives you a daily break up select the day on the graph to view the same.

Top location

Shows the top 5 locations from where you get most of the views (in India it shows statewide) in the form of a bar diagram. Clicking on the graph shows each of the percentages.


Shows a pie diagram along with the percentage of gender distribution which has viewed your account.


Shows when your followers are active using a bar graph. You can view both the hours when they are active for each day or when they are active by days. Clicking on the graph will show the number for each bar.

Promotion Insights

Likes, Comments and Flags

This contains the number of likes, comments and flags on the posts. Giving you a basic idea of how the post has performed.


It is important to know how many users have actioned upon the call to action button. 


This shows the total reach(unique accounts), number of followers from the post and Impressions (total number of times that the post has been viewed).


This the demography of your audience, gender and top locations.

Example of promotion insight

Posts and stories Insights 

Post Insights and Promotion insights are slightly different, I find that promotional Insights are more detailed than post Insights.

You just get a view on the number of Interactions and the discoveries tab as discussed in “Profile Insights”. This just gives a basic understanding of how the post has performed.

Note: Try to improve these numbers, DM your followers and people who  liked and commented on the post and ask them what they liked about it. This will give a much better understanding of what is working. Try to replicate that in your next posts and see if both the like, interactions and discovery numbers are increasing. This will, in turn, increase the number of followers.

To view the insights of a story is as simple as going to the stories and swiping up and then clicking the insights button.

You should have got an understanding of how to use Instagram insights. you don’t become an Instagram famous over night a lot of hard work and trial and error goes into it. Don’t give up. Start using the above tools and you will reach your goal faster.

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