Instagram Promotions: Effectively run an Instagram Ad Campaign

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So you ran your first Instagram Ad. However, how do you know if it has worked for you? How do you create an Instagram Ad campaign that will generate followers or business? Well, these are some of the questions that I would like to answer in this blog post and squeeze every drop out of you ad.

Surprisingly to run an Effective Instagram Ad requires you to know how to run an effective Instagram post. Since an Instagram Ad is just a promoted Post or story.

Note: Your paid Ads are not going to work every single time. Do not give up, learn from what you have done previously.

This post is not a step by step guide on how to create an Instagram ad, for that check out this link.

The process to run an effective Instagram Ad can be split into three parts pre-campaign, during the Campaign and post-campaign.

Pre – Campaign

Pre-campaign includes planning and preparation for your AD. This is required since it will keep you focused during the AD and it will be easier to run the campaign. 

Have an objective

The first thing that you would need is an objective for your ad. This will define your ad! Your objective could be anything from increasing the followers or to even increase the sales for your business. Try not to fall into the “likes” trap! Many pay for ads just to see more people to like their posts, which ultimately means you are giving off money to Facebook. 

Your objective would define what kind of post, what your description would look like, the call to action is on the post etc. Keep the below points in mind because you will require it when creating an Instagram AD. 

Age Group of your audience – Define your age group which your audience.

Budget – Decide how much you want to spend on your AD 

Customer Interest – Selecting what your customers’ interest is like a life or death scenario for your ad. You need the content to reach the right audience if you want it to convert it into a sale. 

TIP: The audience should be able to relate to the post.

Location – The location where your audience is, the larger the area the more the number of views, excellent if you are planning to build your followers but won’t be effective if your business is a physical store and not able to reach the audience that stays far away.Example a restaurant. 

Call to Action – Instagram and Facebook Ads let you put a call to action buttons on your ad, many users may not read through to the description hence this is a faster way for the audience to engage with you. You could lead them to your profile(in case you are looking to build followers), your message or even your website(in case you want to make a sale). 

Note: There are different call to action buttons that you can put on your ad. Just try playing around with it, some will work better than others.

Instagram Post/Stories:

You don’t need a new post, any previous post will do. But if you are creating something from the scratch make then follow below guidelines:

  • High-quality images and videos
  • Make sure that your content is in line with your objective
  • A compelling description, which will help you to achieve your objective 
  • Use hashtags, since you are paying for the ad doesn’t mean you don’t have to add hashtags)
  • Your content will be reviewed, hence follow Facebook’s ad policies. See this link to view Facebook policies.

TIP: Using older posts that have already proved to generate followers or business is the best place to start instead of creating a new post which may or may not work.

Running the Campaign

With all the information in hand, you are now ready to run your Instagram Ad. Go ahead and click that promote button. Just follow the on-screen steps, check your campaign one final time and submit it for review.

Once your advertisement has been approved and the Campaign is up and running you will need need to Monitor and Engage with your audience. 


You can monitor the Campaign through Instagram insights. To see how your Instagram Ad is performing go the post and select “View Insights”

Under Promotion Insights you get the following details:

Likes, Comments and Flags: This contains the number of likes, comments and flags on the posts. Giving you a basic idea of how the post has performed.

Interactions:  It is important to know how many users have actioned upon the call to action button. 

Discoveries: This shows the total reach(unique accounts), number of followers from the post and Impressions (total number of times that the post has been viewed).

Audience: This the demography of your audience, gender and top locations.

Note: These Insights are available only after your promotion is active, but not before it. 


The next thing that you would want to do is to engage with your audience. Replying and liking comments and also messaging them when required. Don’t leave this part out just because you paid the for the post. You need your money’s worth. Engage with your audience.

Post – Campaign

Your work isn’t over once your ad is done. Remember not every ad is going to be successful. You need to evaluate how your Ad has performed. For this, you can use the data from promotional insights. This is done so that you can improve on your campaign.

Tip: In marketing, there is something called the A/B strategy. Running two or more similar ads with slight changes in them will give you a better understanding of what will work and what doesn’t.

Following the above steps will make sure that your Ads provides the best result most of the time, remember your ad is not going to work every single time. Subscribe to my newsletter to be updated on the latest post also follow me on my social media pages.

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