Instagram Ads: Beginners guide to Instagram Advertisement

Instagram Ads: Beginners guide to Instagram Advertisement

This post is a guide to get you started with advertising on Instagram. This post is not just for those running a business it’s for anyone who is trying to develop their brand. I am sure that you would have seen those sponsored ads when you scroll through your feed or stories. Yes, I am talking about the very same.

This will look compelling and scary compared to many forms of advertisement that can be very expensive. But Facebook (the parent company of Instagram) has made sure that Instagram ads are available to everyone directly through the app or through facebook’s Ads manager available on both PC and mobile at all the price points based on your needs.

There are a few things that you need to do before running an Instagram ad and those are mentioned in the post below. This post is just to get you started with Instagram Ads, why would you want to run an Instagram Ad and step by step on how to run an ad on the Instagram App.

Why would you want to run an Instagram Ad


With more than one billion monthly users on Instagram, why would you want your posts or products to miss the eyes of everyone and that’s why you have come on Instagram, right? But with over 95 million new posts daily your post is going to go unseen by most of your target audience within minutes. So wouldn’t it be worth it to pay a bit so that your post is shown to your audience as and when they come online?


Facebook has incorporated Instagram Ad to its Facebook Ads Manager, a powerful tool that marketers can use to make sure that promotion reaches the right audience and increasing the chance of that turning into a business opportunity.


Yes, Advertising can be expensive. But Facebook has kept it in such a way that there is something for everybody. The cost to run one ad can be as low as Rs.80(INR) which is approximate to a dollar in USD. But this can change depending on different factors like the type of ad, the cost per day(higher the cost the more number of viewers) and the number of days you are planning on running an ad.

Hence, it is important to plan your Advisement so that it reaches to the correct audience without increasing the cost.

Prerequisite before running an ad on Instagram

Before you can run an Instagram Ad there are a few things that you would have to do.

Business Account

There are three types of accounts on Instagram:

  • Personal Account 
  • Business Account 
  • Creative Account 

To run Instagram ads you would require a Business account. Check this link to know how to change your account to a business account. 

Facebook Page 

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, your ads are done through the Facebook Ad Manager and because of this you require to have a Facebook page and would have to link it to your Instagram Account. You can run Instagram through Facebook ad manager, but that isn’t necessary as I will explain to you how to run Instagram ads through the Instagram app itself. 

Facebook Ads Manager App

This isn’t a mandatory step, the Facebook ads manager is useful to keep a track of all the ads that are currently running and the cost involved. You get all the insights of the ad in one app. You would have to add your payment option through the app or using the web browser on your desktop(This is mandatory).

Types of Ads

There are two main places that you can place ads on Instagram and they are on a users feed and Instagram stories. See the example below:

I am focusing on four main formats for ads and those are Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads and Story Ads there are two more types. IGTV ads and Explore which are ads that come when you scroll through IGTV Videos and the Explore Page of Instagram.

Photo Ads

They are the regular ads that you see in your news feed. You will see the word sponsored under the name of those ads which means they are paid promotions. Photo ads let you promote just one photo. You can even keep a call to action button, which I will mention in the latter part of this post.

Video Ads

Same as photo ads you can promote a video to others’ feed. Here too you can add a call to action button under your content.

Carousel Ads

These ads are not just one photo but multiple photos that you are promoting. Each photo can have a call to action button. 

Story Ads

Ads that you see when you are scrolling through your stories are story ads. With more than 500 million users using stories every day, it makes sense to post an Ad there.

Running an ad on Instagram

There are two ways that you can run an ad, one is through the Facebook ad manager(Desktop or mobile app) and the second is through the Instagram app itself. I will be focusing on the quick way to create ads and that is through Instagram itself. I will take you through it more in-depth in my next posts. 

Paid promotion on User feed

Step 1: Post the content with all necessary description, hashtags, location tags etc.

Step 2: Select the post from your profile and click “promote”

Step 3: Select the destination(where you want the user to be redirected to if they click on the call to action button) You have the option to select if the user would see your profile, website or even message you.

Step 4: Audience, the most important step is selecting your audience. Get this wrong and your post may not reach the right audience and your advertisement will not work. You could let Instagram select your audience based on your post but I would recommend creating your audience so that you know your audience better than anyone else. My next post will help you with this.

Step 5: Selecting your Budget and Duration. This will determine how much you want to spend on the post. Too less and you will reach only fewer number of views and a longer duration means higher the cost but more number views. You should get a good balance between the two. 

Step 6: Submit the post. Your promotion will be reviewed only then will it be promoted. 

Paid promotion on Stories

The steps in promoting stories are similar to that of a feed. To start run a story ad go to the story that you want to post and swipe up to view the insights. On the top right select the promote button as shown in the below image. After that, the steps are similar to Steps 3 to steps 6.

You can run promotions any time you want even on an older post or previously promoted post. In the case of stories, you would have to go to achieve and select a story from there.

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