Instagram Stories: Different types of stickers and how to use them to your advantage

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Stickers have become an integral part of Instagram stories. It can be overwhelming to see the number of stickers available out there and to choose right one. Knowing what each sticker does helps you to choose the right stickers for your story post and that is what this blog post is all about.

I will mention a few techniques in this post but remember don’t limit yourself to just those. Be creative and you will be able to use stickers in ways others would not have even thought of. This is what makes Instagram stickers fun to use.

Stickers can be found on the top of the page where you edit your stories, see the image below.

There are even ways you can create and use your own stickers or buy sticker packs that others have created. But in this post, I am focusing on the stickers that are available to you directly on Instagram.

I have segregated the stickers into two types based on how the user can interact with it.

Interactive Stickers 

These set of stickers are extremely important for marketers and business since they enable you to interact with the customer gaining important customer feedback.

Question box  

Question Stickers are a great way to ask a question to your audience or even let your audience ask you a question. Once you place the question sticker from the tray, you get an option to write the question of your choice on it. Once the story is posted the viewer can tap on the sticker to answer it. 

You can view all the answers by swiping up on your story. You have the option to either respond to the story by a direct message or even share it to the public as another story.

Example: question sticker

This is a great way to get feedback about your products and posts or even use it to know what your audience is looking for in your next post. There are many ways you can use question box sticker to your advantage.

Poll Stickers 

A simple sticker when placed on your story lets the audience select between two options. This could be as simple as a yes or no question or even selecting between two products. Sliding up on the stories shows who have voted on the stories and which option has a higher percentage of votes. 

When you first place the poll sticker from the tray on the stories you are presented with “Ask a question …” and two boxes mentioning Yes and No. You can edit the “Ask a question… “ text with whatever you are planning on putting. You can even change the Yes and No options to what you want your audience to see by tapping on the same.

Example: poll sticker

Many Instagrammers use poll stickers to understand what the audience is looking for since this lets viewers select what they like and what they want.

Emoji Slider

Emoji Slider works like poll stickers. But instead of selecting from two option they are use a slider to show how much they like the content or how much they agree with the statement.

Example: emoji slider

Countdown Sticker

As the name suggests, this is a count down. A great tool to use when you want to remind your audience that some important event that is coming up. This could be an upcoming post, a link, or even a product launch. Enabling you to create a hype around something.

The viewer can click on the counter and save time and date so that they will be reminded of the same. 

Quiz Sticker

You can ask multiple-choice questions to your audience using the Instagram quiz stickers. The audience can select an option to see if he is right or wrong. If the viewer selects the correct option it will be indicated with a green circle if not the correct answer will be shown.

Example: quiz sticker

You could use this option to know how much your audience know about your product or page. 

Hashtags Stickers, Location and Mention Stickers: 

With these stickers, you can place hashtags (maximum of 10 hashtags), tag a location or even mention someone else in your stories. This helps you to expand your reach, for example, users searching for the location can check all the stories tagged with that location.

Aesthetic Stickers

Do not underestimate these stickers, these are the most common kind of stickers and it is used in other platforms as well. These are pictures which can be placed anywhere on your story.

Time, Date and Weather

These stickers can add the current time, date and weather on the story. By clicking on each of these stickers change the format and look of it.

Music Stickers

Music sticker works with both Photos and videos. Once you select the sticker, you get the option to select music from a range of tracks. You get to trim the music how you want it and you get about 30 seconds of music.

Gif Stickers

Instead of pictures, you get gifs which lets you have moving pictures. 

Emoji Stickers

Available on most social media sites, emojis have made a very prominent entry to our online world. And the same goes for Instagram stories. You can drag and drop emojis where you want them on your story.

Be creative! Making stories exciting and something that people will go for ensures that your audience will stick with you since there is always something new that they can look out for. Check out stories of popular Instagramers and see how they are using it. It would give you a better understanding and many more techniques on how to use each one of them to engage with your audience.

I will be focusing on a few of the important tools for marketing using Instagram in my next few posts. Mainly external tools, marketing and Instagram marketing for different businesses. To stay updated on these topics subscribe to my newsletter. I will be sharing all the topics over mail. If I have missed a topic or you want to know something write a comment I will reply to it.

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