Ads isn’t the only way to get viewers on Instagram, try shoutouts

Instagram is a great place for Marketers. There are different ways to promote your page on Instagram especially, but now I am writing about shoutouts. You might already know what is a shoutouts! Just in case, the below heading is for you.

What are Shoutouts?

A shoutout is when you introduce other users or their product in any of your posts or vice versa.

Example of a shoutout

This is regularly used by influencers to promote other brands or products. Shoutouts are one of the most powerful tools out there on Instagram but can be a little bit intimidating at first. Since you would be asking others for promoting your page or product.

This post is here to help you out through your shoutout journey. Getting a shoutout wrong means you won’t get any followers for your hard work, you need to put in some effort to get the best out of shoutouts. But getting it right means followers and growth for your brand or even higher sales to your products.

The topics that I am going to cover in this post is what are the different types of shoutouts, selecting the correct influencer who you want to work with, the merits and demerits of shoutouts and the How to create them. This will be the only blog post that you would require to learn shoutouts.

Types of Shoutouts

  1. Paid shoutouts
  2. Shoutout for shoutout
  3. Shoutout without any returns

Paid Shoutouts

Famous among influencers and businesses! Paid shoutouts are the easiest of them in terms of finding a user and convincing them to post a shoutout. Since there are websites where you can choose influencers and the prices are mostly set by the user.

You can even reach out to them directly on Instagram or contact them using any of the contact method provided on Instagram. The cost for each shoutout largely depends on the number of followers. You would have to speak it out with them on the cost. But never just simply go along with any user with a large number of followers. Do your basic research based on the points that I have mentioned at the end of this post.

Choosing the right influencer is critical! You are paying you hard-earned money to promote your content so choosing the right user is important to get the most out of it.

Shoutout for shoutout

There is a saying, “there is no free lunch!” So what do you do if you don’t want to spend and still want shoutouts? Well, do a shoutout for them too! That is a win-win situation for you. This is called a Shoutout for shoutout.

You could go asking an account with 1million followers to do a shoutout for Shoutout(S4S). But they would require a bit more incentive than just followers. So the best way would be to look for accounts that have a similar number of users to yours. Let’s call them your S4S partner.

Tip: try to keep in mind not to ask for shoutouts just as you have pinged them for the first time. Firstly create a small relationship by texting them, maybe give a few compliments on the page and work on what they have done. Later once they know you just message them that if they want to do a shout out for shout out.

There is no harm in asking the larger accounts, who knows you might even get a shout out from them.

When targeting larger accounts try to keep a balance between what you have to offer. For Example, if their account is twice as large as yours then offer them two shoutouts. Could get them to say okay.

Shoutouts for free

Getting a shoutout for free is easy if you already know that person, for example, a close friend or someone you have known for some time now. Also giving shoutouts to others for free could help you boost content to your Instagram page. 

Creating a shoutout

If you decide to go for a shoutout I would suggest planning it first. If you are planning on doing a shoutout in stories then adding an image and a quick description asking to check out and follow along with the account would be the best way to go. 

Either you can create your content that you would like to use as a shoutout or you could just use a screenshot of your Instagram page.

If you are trying to increase your followers to your Instagram page then the screenshot should mostly work, but if you would like to sell your product, then I would advise you to create the image for your product and share that. 

When choosing a shoutout partner, always check the number of followers he has, the number of likes for content and the comments on them. Since there are a lot of fake accounts out there and you don’t want your content to be posted in one of them.

Tip: Your content should be relatable to the contents of your shoutout partner

When you do a shoutout try to create a description that you would like the other person to put on your page. This will make it simpler for them to post the content. 

Remember Instagram is all about content, so give your best images, to whomsoever is giving you the shoutout. 


Remember shoutout is a great way to increase your followers. If you are just starting, always go with one of the free methods. Once you feel you are on a growth path then you can look into something like paid Ads and paid shoutouts.

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