4 ways to get content for your Instagram page

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The best-known way to build followers is to regularly post some content but not just any content it should be of the best quality possible. But what if you don’t have that kind of content? 

You may not have the skills or the tools to create such content as others do! Well here are 4 different ways that you can use to create content for your Instagram page. And the best part is for most of them you don’t even need “the skill and tools”. 

Do read the post fully since there are quite a few sub-topics that need to be covered.

1.Creating the content yourself

A no brainer! 

Creating content yourself means the content will be unique and fresh. This is the way to go or why Instagram was created but this has a drawback. if your content is not good then people will not like your content.

Taking the images and videos yourself!

Creating content yourself means that you would require hardware and the skill to produce quality images, which means taking the photo or video with a phone or a camera. 

This could increase the cost since you might have to buy new hardware just for this purpose! And I am not talking about a new phone or a camera there are other things such as props, lights and even lenses. You might even have to travel to places just to create that content. That means putting in a lot of your time and energy to learn stuff. 

This is enough for most of the cases. Especially when you are starting or you have a personal page.

Tip: Say you just spent all this time learning how to create new content but don’t know what to create. Take a glance over the profile of others and try to get some inspiration from them. Just try not to copy them.

But say you are one of those people who want to improve their business means creating such images is not their business objective. Then the next option might suit you better.

Hiring others to create your images

If you don’t have the skill to create your images. Then you can always ask your friends to help you out. This is the free method since few of them just might.

You can also hire someone to create your content. Paid professionals can create great content for your Instagram page. They are the best option if you are a business or an Instagram user with a larger number of followers trying to improve your image quality. Here you won’t even need the additional hardware most of it would be brought by the person you hire. 

The cost would highly depend on whom you are planning to hire, either it could be a freelancer who is just starting or an experienced professional photographer. 


As the name suggests. This is re-posting what others have done on Instagram. There are many users out there just downloading photos without permissions and posting them on Instagram! Don’t be one of them!!! 

Instead, be nice and send them a message, asking permission to post the content on to your page along with giving the credits in the description. Mostly they would accept this since there is a chance for them to also get views to their page.

Tip: When searching for content to repost, try looking through smaller accounts since they are the ones who are likely going to say yes. More well-known accounts would mostly need some more incentive than just followers.

This is the easiest method to get content to your page since this can be done by just sitting at the comfort of your home. 

Organizing a Contest

I have seen this being used before and have participated in a few myself. This method involves organizing a contest in which you are ready to give out the prizes, in return the user would have to submit their content to you along with following your page. This way you would be able to get the likes and followers to your page.

3.Stock Images

This is another one of those pay and use methods. If you don’t know already, some websites let you purchase images so that you can use them. Not a method that I would recommend since the prices per image can be very high.

4.Creating your content using online Tools and Apps 

This is a mixture of creating your content and Stock Images(don’t worry this one mostly free) There are many websites and mobile apps that let you create content along with options to choose images from their library. Some of them may ask you to pay for a non-watermark image or download an image at a higher resolution. But I have seen some giving them for free. 

I would use this when I am creating posters or quotes. But if you are into something like that then this is the best way to go.

To summarize the points

  1. Creating the content yourself
  2. Re-posts
  3. Stock Images
  4. Creating your content using online Tools and Apps 

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