Choosing the best hashtags for likes and followers

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So you started using hashtags for all your Instagram post. But still haven’t started getting those reach that you were looking for! It could be that you were choosing the wrong hashtags. This blog is to help you choose the correct hashtags for likes and followers on Instagram.

There is a reason people follow a hashtag and figuring that out would help you to select the hashtags to give to your posts.

Remember, At the time of posting this article, Instagram allows you a maximum of 30 hashtags. Follow the below steps to search for the best hashtags that you can use and also help you to mix it up to improve your views to your post.

Steps to Select the correct Hashtag


Have you heard of Keywords? If you have ever read on SEO then this is one term that will be familiar to you. As the word suggests, these are keywords that would describe your post. 

There are multiple websites which help you to search for hashtags(keywords). But the best option which I have found is Instagram itself.

To search for hashtags, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom( as shown in the figure), search for the hashtag or keyword that you are looking for and select the “tabs” option.

A list of hashtags along with the number of posts will show up. The more number of posts means that the hashtag is popular and people regularly post there.



Your search should not end with just a list of hashtags that you don’t know anything about. 

The next step is to go through each hashtag one by one. 

Check if the posts on each of the hashtags are similar to the post that you are intending to post and see the number of likes on each of them. This would give you a clear idea of what the audience is expecting from that hashtag. If your content is delivering the same as what the users are expecting then you can guarantee the likes and followers from that hashtag.


1. Using both popular tags and that aren’t!

The problem with these popular hashtags is the popularity itself.

Users regularly post on these hashtags and they would have already done their research.

That means by the time most of the users come to check the hashtag, your content would have gone down the list. So selecting a mix of relevant hashtags with a large number of people and a small number of people is important. Keeping your content relevant for a longer time.

2.Timing your Hashtags 

This should go along with your posting strategy. Timing your posts when most users are active will give you a bigger chance to show your post to more audiences who are following that hashtag. 

There are even hashtags that are popular doing a particular day, month or year Example, #TechTuesday. So do good research on each of the hashtags and when are they popular. This will give you a strong understanding and reach to your target audience.

3.Using brand hashtags 

This is one of the hashtags that I would recommend using when you post. These hashtags are specific to you. For Example #findingcities. Limit this to just one or two since you have just 30 hashtags to work with. This one is specifically useful when you want to build a brand.

4.Location Hashtags

Finally, if you are trying to concentrate towards customers on a specific location try placing one or two location hashtags. 

This is a time-consuming process but once you get used to it you will start getting faster and your accuracy in selecting the relevant hashtags will improve.

Additional Tip: Adding random hashtags in your description can make your post look like spam. Instead, try splitting your hashtags and keep some in a comment. This way your description will look clean.

Following theses steps and tips will help you to to improve your Instagram hashtag views to you Instagram posts and get you the likes and followers that you are looking for. Subscribe to findingcities newsletter to be updated on all new blog posts. Currently, I am working on giving you all the tips on Instagram and social media marketing.  

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