4 ways to help you choose the right content for your Instagram page

Getting frustrated in posting on Instagram and not getting those likes? Well, your content could be at fault here. 

Don’t worry everyone goes through this. You will have to do a bit of research at first. Get this correct and you will see your followers growing faster than ever.

But first, you should understand that your content and audience should go hand in hand. Your audience should always define your content.

Let me explain

Understanding your audience is a key social media marketing strategy. When you post content towards a specific target audience it will generate followers and likes much better than any other post.

Example, if you are a biker and enjoy posting photos of your bike then most of your likes would be from people who like biking and bikes, it’s as simple as that

Whenever starting a social media page never expect that everyone is going to like and follow you instantly. This is true even for Instagram. 

Instagrams’ business account helps you to even see if any changes you make affects your performance with make. Below are four strategies you can use to help you create the proper content for your target audience

1. Choosing your Demographics

This comes straight out of marketing textbooks. One of the most important aspects of choosing your audience is the demographics. You need to choose the gender, age and location of your audience. Your content will also be based on these factors. 

Say for your motorbike example, your content would mostly appeal to Men.

You should be able to get this information from insights, that is if you have been posting for a while.

Insights page on Instagram – you can see the different demographic used in Instagram

But what if you are starting a new account for your business? Then you might have some idea who your target audience is, right?

For example, you are also owning a motorcycle shop, you would focus on male customers who might be in their twenties who are looking to buy a new bike. Your content would be of different bikes that you would like to showcase.

2. Follow your followers and competition

Understanding and following your competition would help you grow your followers, confused? 

You should understand that your potential followers would be already following your competition. Understanding what your competition posts and replicating what they are doing could help you in posting the content that your followers are looking for

Going through your followers posts and posting on similar lines would help them to relate to your content more better. This way you will be able to build a strong follower base.

Tip: Liking someone’s posts and following their page has a high percentage of them going through your page and following you back.

3. Instagram Stories

Did you know, Instagram stories can be used to help you build your content?

Instagram stories have been one of Instagrams most popular features. You can use polls or ask questions on what to post. Give it a try, you are going to get a response. Giving you an idea of what would work. 

4. Speaking with your followers

Finally, the best thing you can do is … message your followers! Just send a message to your followers asking them questions like what they liked about your page, why they followed you and which content did they like in your post. This will help you make a much better conclusion on what works and what doesn’t.


The audience should be able to relate to your content. Once you know what they want, start posting according to their needs. The next few blog posts will help you understand, creating and marketing those content. So do subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any of the posts.

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