Why are hashtags so important in Instagram and why should you use them in your posts

Importance of Hashtags in Instagram

Even though hashtags were made popular on twitter, they are also used extensively on Instagram without being restricted and are able to drive more traffic to the content.

Hashtags, if used properly can drive a lot of traffic to your post which can convert to followers if they see that your content is interesting. And in turn, help you build a brand for your content.

Users tend to follow hashtags just like following a profile. This feature was enabled in 2019 on Instagram and has gained traction. Any post using the hashtag will popup as a post in the users’ feed.

You should also know that your account should be public and not private. Currently, you can post only up to 30 hashtags on your feed and 10 hashtags on your stories.

History of Hashtags

Many of you would already know that the hashtags were actually made popular by Twitter in the year 2007 by Chris Messina, a social technology expert. 

Hashtags or # were used much earlier to label groups and topics for other websites.


But these days the Hashtags are used so that users are easily able to find the topic or message. This made it a valuable tool for marketers due to the ability to drive traffic to a post.

Types of hashtags

With a simple Google search, you will see there are many kinds of hashtags. But here we are going to discuss three of the most important hashtags out there – brand hashtags, community hashtags and location hashtags.

Brand hashtags

This is an important kind of hashtag especially if you are looking to develop your brand. Marketers use hashtags which are unique to their brand. examples:

When setting up a new Instagram account try to always create a hashtag for yourself. This helps your audience to find you and your content more easily.

Community hashtags

This is the most important kind of hashtag out there. These hashtags are usually used by a group of people or a community where they upload certain kinds of content for a certain topic. 

For example, I am a travel blogger and whenever I upload a photograph to Instagram I tend to use hashtags.See the below image example

Location hashtags

Then we have the location has type as the names would suggest location hashtags that are used to specify specific location auto-target audience from certain locations or regions of the world.


Finally, the most important part about hashtags is they are free! Go ahead and use hashtags from your next post onwards. Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to know how to use hashtags more effectively to gain more followers.

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