Chikmagalur! The Land of Coffee!

With numerous tourist spots and just 250Kms from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is a popular tourist location in south India. It was here coffee was first cultivated in India. The town Chikmagalur is located at the start of the Western Ghats and is close to the highest peaks in Karnataka the Mullayanagiri, which resides in the district of Chikmagalur.

With most locations connected by roads and plentiful Trekking spots, Chikmagalur is a trekkers paradise for someone staying in South India. Most of the coffee plantations and localities have converted their farmlands or farmhouses into Homestays and Resorts. Travellers will find it easy to get a stay at without making it too expensive.

My Trip

As I started from Bangalore with my bike on a Monday (wanted to stay away from the weekend crowd). All excited about the 2-day trip the most unexpected happened, It started to rain the very morning I was supposed to leave and it wasn’t even the monsoons! So I decided to wait it out and by Twelve the rain had subsided, I decide to start. Luckily, for me, the rains had stopped by the time I reached the highway and it did not rain until I reached Hassan where I stopped for a tea. This is when I put on my raincoat and set myself for a ride through heavy rains, well that was how it seemed. From Bangalore I did not take many breaks except for a few photos stops and for tea so that I could stretch my legs.

I reached my destination by five in the evening and decided to rest for the night because it was already starting to get dark. I met quite a few cool travellers at the hostel where I was staying.
We played some games and just chilled out. The next day we all decided that we would go to Mullayangiri after breakfast. The ride was not as eventful until we started the climb and became crazier each time we climbed higher. It was still very cloudy that morning and as we went higher and higher the fog started coming down on us and at one point it became quite difficult to see what was just meters ahead of us. This made the ride even more interesting and challenging as there were heavy crosswinds.

By the time we reached the top most of us were already tired but excited that we had made it. There are a few small stores that sell Maggie, corn and tea. It was impossible to see what was beyond the edge of the cliff due to the mist and the wind was just crazy, but all of us just had fun, dancing to whatever music we could listen too, on a small speaker and had a great time.

Finally, I decided to split up with the group since everyone wanted to go to different locations. I just rode around looking for places to do a bit of off-roading, I did find a few small patches but all lead to some home-stays or a coffee plantation. Also my action camera died and couldn’t get any good footage. By four in the evening I decided to return to my hostel room and do some exploring at the hostel itself since they had a coffee plantation right there!

The night was fun with everyone back. I slept a bit late but woke up early enough to pack up and ride back to Bangalore, which was mostly uneventful other than that I was tired.

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