Love riding up HairPin Bends? Then you are going to love this place- Kolli Hills

There are many popular places in south India, but Kolli Hills is not one of them, even if you are a biker there is a good chance that you haven’t heard about this place. Hairpin Bends, waterfalls, Temples and the view. Starting at the base of Kolli hills is the start of an adventure of 70 hairpin bends!
Kolli Hills is located in Tamil Nadu, 60kms from Salem towards Madurai. Since it isn’t one of those popular spots there few good resorts if you are looking for something like that. The cost of travel can be quite minimal since most food and stay are relatively cheap.


My journey to Kolli hills was just for a Day. A bike, camera (sadly didn’t use it) and some gears. That was it! The first thing that caught my eye was the mesmerizing view. Started from Bangalore at 5 am and reached Kolli Hills by 10 am (Started the ascend). The first thing I thought was that “This is going to take some time to get up the 70 Hairpin bends”. But to my surprise, I started to race through all the bends. Each turning was just about 500meters apart and that kind of disappointed me because I didn’t take any kind of photo break and my action camera had to bail out on the same day so I had to rely on my crappy phone to take all the photos.

I can say one thing is that the food was damn cheap! Breakfast consisted of an egg Dosa(a dish made of rice batter and in this case with egg added to it) which cost me just Rs.40 and for lunch well a chicken biryani just made (Ho boy that was yum)! Costing just Rs.80. You will never get such prices in the “BIG CITY”.

Riding around Kolli Hills was simple and fun! Just as you enter Kolli Hills you reach the town of Solakkadu from there you have almost 10Km of the drive to the most popular tourist destination in Kolli Hills the Aagaya Gangai waterfalls, which has paid parking and steps that lead downward. Feeling lazy not to climb the steps on the way up I decided to skip the falls. Speaking to the locals I found that the water isn’t that deep and you can easily take a bath in it.

Feeling a bit adventurous I decided to go a bit further that the falls which to my amaze most of the tourist didn’t do! Well found an amazing watchtower with an amazing view. Even the roads to the spot were filled with trees and again from the locals, I got to know that the road ends with a village, but to me, that road felt like it was never-ending and the view was again just something I wouldn’t forget.
Seeing dark rain clouds in a distance I decided to return to Bangalore and be back at home by 7 in the evening.


Kolli Hils is a good place for a one or a two-day trip. Coming from Bangalore I would recommend staying or if you are okay with travelling back at night then go ahead and it would be a great one day trip. Also, you might have to bear the Tamil Nadu heat. The stay wouldn’t come too expensive but since this is not that of a vacationist spot. But one thing is for sure you are not going to spend a ton of cash and still be able to get the view of a lifetime.

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