Green Hills of Vagamon, Kerala

Vagamon is a beautiful Hill Station in Kerala. Situated in the Idukki, which lies near the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu makes it a perfect weekend spot for the families and friends from both the states. One will find quite a few restaurants and resorts in and around Vagamon. Vagamon popularly known for its tea plantations have quite a few plantations converted resorts. Localities depend on farming and the tourists that come to the state. There are many tourist attractions and one can spend from a day to even a week exploring the place. If you are coming just from a different state to see Kerala, you could add this place into your agenda just for a day or two. You are not going to regret it.

The experience was something else with the weather which was not predictable, with roads that were not that easily accessible without 4×4 vehicles or just trekking through. You will be able to find a tourist vehicle who will be ready to take you around Vagamon for a day and many of them have off-roading routes which are fun, better during the monsoons! Luckily for us, it rained the day we reached the resort and but not the next day allowing us to have a fun and challenging ride also able to see the amazing view over the valley.

Granted monsoons are not the best time of the year to visit Vagamon but it did bring its beauty to it like misty mornings and cold and wet climate, perfect for a hot coffee and sit around the house just for a talk. The green valleys get even greener and the grass grows taller making most of the ground just look Green! But I would say it’s a great place to go during most of the time of year and each of the climate brings a different view of the landscape.

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