Tried to go to Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta during a weekday holiday… Guess what? They are open only on weekends!

It had been a while since I took out my bike for a ride. One good thing about Bangalore is that there are quite a few places to visit for a day ride and if you are want to make it more adventurous then you could try a two-day ride to a beachside or a hillside location. Hey, Mangalore, Pondy, and Chennai are all only about 350Km from Bangalore which you can cover easily on a morning ride.

Finally, a day comes where I get a small holiday, Independence Day (15th August)! So after some thinking, I decided to ride to Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, without knowing one fact. It is open only during the weekends and there is a barricade outside. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is only about 80Kms from Bangalore and an easy ride since it goes through Kankapura road which is much less crowded than Mysore Road.

Had some plans for some early morning sunrise photography but that plan was ruined since this place was closed. One advice to travellers will try having breakfast while on Kanakapura high road because after Kanakapura you are not going to find any restaurants for a good breakfast, but if you are into the local restaurants and exploring then you might be able to find something.

Seeing that the plan made was not working out then we decided to turn on the explorer mode! Searching through on google maps we find that there is a Dam about 35Km from our location, Haro Bele Dam. And that ended up as a good decision since we got some amazing village roads found a small restaurant to have breakfast and finally a small village from where we were able to get some amazing view of the reservoir.

Ride Difficulty: EASY

Distance: about 200Kms total

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