A Weekend Traveller

Finding time to travel can be difficult, especially when you are having a nine to six job. This is the case for most Indians. There are always those weekends when you just want to sit around or get some rest for the coming week, maybe go out for a Sunday evening dinner. Ah, a good weekend! But then again there are those times when you feel you just need to get away from everything and you find yourself in a tough situation where you need to get back to work on Monday and your leave is not getting approved!

I have seen this happening to most of my friends and their reply to my statement “why don’t we travel somewhere this weekend?” is that two days are just not enough. I would agree with that… Mostly! I have been travelling to places by just using the weekend and have found that it is mostly enough to travel. You may not see everything! But that makes it more enjoyable! You have a reason to go there another time just to experience the rest of the place.

How to prepare for a weekend trip:

  • Plan Ahead – You don’t want to get stuck without transportation and you need to get back on Monday!
  • Decide on how you are planning on travelling within the City or location. This is important because there are chances that you reach there, get stuck and spend exta time looking for transportation.
  • Leave a bit early and try to get some rest – This is something that can be easily missed out. You leave for a trip and exhaust yourself by sleeping less and trying to see everything in just that one trip! This is just going to exhaust your energy. The only thing you can do when you get back is to brag how much you saw and not what you were able to experience.

You will be quite surprised by the transportation available these days! You will be able to reach most of the places with just spending a night in a bus or a train (this would be fine distance for a distance of about 500Kms) and if this distance increases then you should be able to find morning or evening flights. These have to be well planned! Since not all the places are that accessible and the timings may not be perfect. Most of the major cities have a good transportation system especially to the tourist spots(like Uber or if you want to save on money then local buses).

I have never felt like I have spent too little time when I travel on the weekend. Actually, I feel that there is too much time on my hand! I come back to the office with a different kind of energy(mostly tired on Monday) that would help me to get through the week. Also, I would have spent lesser since I don’t have to spend money for the next day.


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