SG Palya, who would have thought to write a blog about this place!?

Well, I did! I have been thinking to write a blog about this place for some time. There are a lot of popular locations in Bangalore like Koramangala or Indiranagar, but SG Palya? Well, this place is more popular to the students of Christ university than to most Bangaloreans. Christ University is a well-known college for its arts and science courses. It’s even got an MBA college and numerous campus around Bangalore. But the main campus is located near Koramangala, one of the most famous party hub in Bangalore. Since there are so many students coming in from different parts of the country, many stay at apartments and paying guests(pg) at SG Palya which is located right next to the campus.





You find quite a few residents from Kerala and this brought a lot of Kerala restaurants and Dishes! Businesses like paying guests and stores which cater to such a changing crowd flourish here. The crowd is mostly young students, who roam the streets chatting, having a munch and a tea discussing class lectures or what to do in the evening.


But one of my favourite part of SG Palya are the local theatres, playing regional and even English movies at times at reasonable prices. While you are waiting outside for the movie to start, jump into one of the bakeries to get a bite especially a Shawarma! Love those! But if you are looking for Dinner then you should try out Kerala food over there.


And now you know why would you want to visit SG Palya!

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