Mumbai Part One, The City of Dreams

Why part 1? That’s because it’s really difficult to experience the whole of Mumbai in just a weekend. Yes, this is also one of my weekend trips and this was planned with an engagement also in mind. Luckily the engagement was on Sunday evening, so I had the whole Saturday and part of Sunday to feel the city.



This time my blog will mostly be short since it was only the nightlife that I was able to feel of the city and since I didn’t have my camera for one day, well that was a drawback but necessary. Reaching Mumbai was not difficult (bus and not flight) if you want to spend more time in Mumbai, well I would recommend a fight, but the roads to Mumbai are amazing and tempting for a bike ride. (I am travelling from Bangalore, do keep that in mind and the distance)


My trips regularly start off with a little bit of rest. I cannot judge the cost of a stay in Mumbai since this time I will be staying at my friend’s place. If you are Indian, I am quite certain you should be able to find a friend from Mumbai where you might be able to crash. This would help out since it would reduce the cost and Mumbai ain’t going to be a cheap trip (but yes we will make it one).

The first place that I visited? R City Mall in Ghatkopar. Why? Simple, I was staying there and my friend wanted to do some purchase for his engagement. But this was one big mall! You can spend the whole day at just that one mall. From the usual stores, multiplex for movies, fun inside activities for everyone and there are also quite a few pubs within the mall making the best place to spend time.


But me being me, didn’t want to get stuck in one place. Hearing about the nightlife at Mumbai, I decided to hunt for a nice place to well, PARTY!!! So heading out to meet another friend who just moved to Mumbai(told yea, there will be at least one person whom you know might be staying in or from Mumbai). After searching a bit, we found Mitron. A bit on the expensive side but the music, ambience and the crowd made it worth the spend. We had a blast! When someone speaks about Mumbai’s nightlife they are not kidding!

I don’t know if the party was required to that extent, hangover and a splitting headache crippled me to go the locations to which I had in mind. This was a small blow but it was not going to stop me at taking some photos! Camera in hand and determination to take pictures, this is what I got! And by evening it was time for the engagement. I will put up some pics of the engagement too. My return was a midnight flight. A little bit of sleep on the flight and bus, I am ready for office.

The total cost came up to 10000 INR(Including travel). But could have reduced it further, I will take care of that on part 2. Now that I have felt Mumbai and its welcoming nature, I have a better picture on how to tackle Mumbai, experienced only one side of Mumbai!

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