Once upon a time in Gokarna, A Backpackers heaven


Gokarna is a small coastal town near one of the most popular tourist location in India, Goa! But Gokarna just blew my mind away with the views, hills, beaches and the best part with fewer tourists than Goa. When I say few tourists it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any, but you will be able to find solitude locations if you are up for a bit of trekking and searching. This is a location which can be called “a coming up tourist spot”.

The best part of Gokarna is the beaches and the view of the sunset. Since this is a local town, travelling around would be a bit difficult especially to the beaches that are not easily accessible using public transport. Looking at google maps anyone will be able to see the stretch of beaches around Gokarna and the number of temples in and around it.

One can find quite a few hostels in Gokarna if they are planning to go solo or a small group. There are also beachside hotels and resorts on hilltops overlooking the sea giving a beautiful view of the Sunset. The cost of travelling to Gokarna can vary quite a bit depending on how you are planning it. Well, this trip cost me only Rs.3500 and I am happy with that and this include a bus journey(from Bangaluru) and stay.

Day 1

The plan was having no plan at all. Arrived at Gokarna on Saturday morning and if you have the energy then I would suggest going for a walk on the main beach which is near the town and also one of the larger beached in Gokarna. You will find fishermen hauling in their catch for the day, and getting ready to sell them in the market. One thing I understood from this was, that I had to have the seafood.

Chill out for the day one, gain energy for the sunset. The Sunset is something you should not miss! There is a cliff view where one can find an amazing view of the sunset. You are not going to find that many people over there and that is a good thing! Still, if you do and want some solitude then just move a little further ahead!

Day 2

Well, this is totally recommended – GO TO HoneyBeach!(Can be done on day1) Just to go to the beach which is about 10Km from the town, you need to go through river crossing on a barge(which stops at sundown, which is why I recommend going on day 2), then ride to the location which requires a little bit of offroading and trek just to find a solitude beach.



If you have are already done honey beach but not in the mood to travel that far, then do the beach trek starting from Kudle Beach ending at Paradise Beach. But this would take at least 5 hours also you will require to take water and food for the trek since there are not many restaurants or shops on most on the beaches. You will be able to find the trails on Google Maps so they are easy to find but not that easy to complete especially in the hot sun.

After honey beach just head over to Kudle or Om Beach for a dip and lunch (find a restaurant for fish curry meals, totally worth it). Later if you have the time try a part of the trek or try going to paradise beach to just finish off a beautiful weekend.

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