Want to try Offroading, Dandignahalli Dam is your place

Dandignahalli Dam is located 100Km from Bangalore, 40Km from Nandhi Hills(Nearly every Bangalorean would know where Nandi Hills is located-review coming soon). The view here is amazing is one of the more calm location one can go to. But be warned, the road (at the time of writing this Blog) is under maintenance and you will find a lot of rough patches. That doesn’t stop there, to reach the location you will have to go through some village road which isn’t that great either. Don’t get all negative about the location yet!

You can find a lot of places to go for off-roading, Beautiful view and cool water for a swim. But be warned there aren’t many stalls in the location except for a small shack which you will see once you reach the location, so get some food or drink and this will be again a good picnic spot.

It is a great place for a morning ride and a great place to get some really nice pics. The landscape is mesmerizing and calm compared to the usual hustle and bustle of Bangalore. Reaching the Dam in a car will be slow and bumpy because of the road conditions, more suited to the once who are more adventures.

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